For several years, the government had been urging taxpayers, including organizations, corporations and citizens, to participate in taxation seminars to gain tax seminar credits. The government continued its advocacy to help taxpayers develop their tax management and tax compliance by means of various kinds of seminars and diverse forms of government events and programs. These seminars are showcased not just statewide but also locally. As a support to the government, there are lots of government-accredited agencies, organizations and companies that offer these taxation seminars.


These cpe classes seminars are very important not just to the ordinary taxpayers but also to companies and organizations simply because they can learn lots of things from it and these include:


1. Value-added taxation compliance - government value-added tax applications, zero/regular-rating tax exemptions, input tax refunds, reports, attachments and substantiations.


2. Compliance for withholding taxes - either final or expanded together with sample applications.


3. Corporate income tax - including tax credits, allowable deductions, taxable income, attachments as well as the income tax return.


4. Compensation withholding tax and the fringe benefit tax - including attachments and technicalities.


5. Taxation assessment procedure overview - including taxpayers' alternatives, taxation assessment processes as well as prescriptive periods.     


All thorough out the seminar, participants will not just listen to the speakers and lecturers but also take part in the Q & A sessions, workshops and tours. Due to the importance of these tax seminars 2017, companies, taxpayers as well as tax and accounting professionals should be careful with their choices of seminar providers. They should follow the tips below when choosing one.


1. They should do some research first to find out the accredited, legit and licensed taxation seminars providers in the state, city or country where they are dwelling. Choose those companies, entities and organizations that host tax seminars accredited by both local and national government. It should also be recommended and endorsed by the Internal Revenue Services. Learn more about tax seminars at


2. It is also important to investigate the credits they can gain from attending these events.


3. They are also advised to opt for tax seminars which are not far from their residences or their offices.


4. Be sure to know first the credibility and reputation of the speakers of these seminars. Choose the seminars where the speakers are known far and wide for their credibility, reputation and the quality of lessons and ideas they impart on these events.



These are some of the steps that you should follow when choosing providers of tax seminars.